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Edito - Sustainable Air & Space Mobility

By Max Armanet, President of Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee

The mission incumbent on the aeronautics and space sector is to bring the men and women of our planet closer together, to improve the daily life of each individual, and to continue opening up new horizons to humanity. It is a mission that this sector has always undertaken to constantly fulfil, creating a permanent environment of innovation and giving meaning to the notion of progress. This wealth of expression forms the basis of the event organised by the Paris Air Forum. The current health crisis brings with it an unprecedented social, economic and environmental crisis that has not been kind to our sector. As businesses close, initiatives are cancelled, and demonstrations propagate around the world, we have decided, as aviators, to come together and intensify our efforts.

The Paris Air Forum continues this year to foster dialogue between all of the leading figures within our international family and to engage in a better, more resilient debate for the future. A family focused on finding solutions that are more ecological, more innovative and more unifying: a Green Aviation that benefits the whole planet. In 2021, the Paris Air Forum, now an essential meeting place, will once again bring together all those in the global “aero” community. As in 2020, when more than 250,000 people tuned in to our ten-hour live broadcast, this June, our grand event in Paris will continue to mobilise all major players in the “aero sector”. This sector will continue to exchange ideas to find solutions to the economic, environmental and health emergency that is shaking up the planet and which strikes hard at the aeronautics industry. It is these Green Aviation solutions that will help to deliver a sustainable response to the planet’s urgent needs and expectations.

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