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Edito - Sustainable Air & Space Mobility

By Max Armanet, President of Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee

The mission incumbent on the aeronautics and space sector is to bring the men and women of our planet closer together, to improve the daily life of each individual, and to continue opening up new horizons to humanity. It is a mission that this sector has always undertaken to constantly fulfil, creating a permanent environment of innovation and giving meaning to the notion of progress. This wealth of expression forms the basis of the event organised by the Paris Air Forum. The current health crisis brings with it an unprecedented social, economic and environmental crisis that has not been kind to our sector. As businesses close, initiatives are cancelled, and demonstrations propagate around the world, we have decided, as aviators, to come together and intensify our efforts.

The Paris Air Forum continues this year to foster dialogue between all of the leading figures within our international family and to engage in a better, more resilient debate for the future. A family focused on finding solutions that are more ecological, more innovative and more unifying: a Green Aviation that benefits the whole planet. In 2021, the Paris Air Forum, now an essential meeting place, will once again bring together all those in the global “aero” community. As in 2020, when more than 250,000 people tuned in to our ten-hour live broadcast, this June, our grand event in Paris will continue to mobilise all major players in the “aero sector”. This sector will continue to exchange ideas to find solutions to the economic, environmental and health emergency that is shaking up the planet and which strikes hard at the aeronautics industry. It is these Green Aviation solutions that will help to deliver a sustainable response to the planet’s urgent needs and expectations.

Speakers and Broadcasting program


Max ARMANET - President of Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee

Institutional Opening Speech

Thierry BRETON - European Commissioner for the Internal Market

How does transport accelerate energy transition for the regions?

Baptiste MAURAND - Port of Le Havre Director
Christophe FANICHET - SNCF Voyageurs CEO
Edward ARKWRIGHT - Groupe ADP Deputy CEO
Isabelle Patrier, TotalEnergies Regional Development Director
Matthieu GIARD - Member of Air Liquide Board of Directors and Director of Hydrogen Activities and the Industrial Merchant business line Moderator : Nathalie Jourdan, Journalist, Normandy Correspondent for La Tribune

Airports : regional asset in globalisation

Jean-Luc MOUDENC - Toulouse Mayor
Alain ANZIANI - Président of Bordeaux Métropole

Will tomorrow's aircraft really be hydrogen-based?

Guillaume FAURY - Managing Director of Airbus
Olivier ANDRIES, Managing Director Safran
Patrick KY - EASA Executive Director

How do we consolidate the supply chain ?

Marwan LAHOUD - Chairman of the Board at ACE Management
Thomas FRIEDBERGER - Tikehau CEO
Bertrand LUCEREAU - ARES President Moderator: Max Armanet, President of the Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee and President of Forum Media

How do we reconcile trains and planes ?

Augustin de ROMANET - ADP CEO
Anne RIGAIL - Air France CEO
Florent MENEGAUX - MICHELIN Group President Moderator: Fabrice Gliszczynski

Sustainable Air Force

Andrew Mark TURNER - Royal Air Force Air Marshal
General Vincent BRETON - EMA, General Officer for Planning and Military Strategy Moderator : Max Armanet, President of the Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee and President of Forum Media

Paris air forum trophies

Space Award Presentation to KAYRROS Antoine ROSTAND - Kayrros Founder & CEO
Philippe BAPTISTE - CNES President Defence Award Presentation to ARES Emmanuel PASQUALINI, ArĂšs Managing Director
Olivier de CERNON, ArĂšs Deputy Managing Director
Emeric d'ARCIMOLES, C3ICI President Air Award Presentation to PIPISTREL Jean-Luc CHARRON - FFA President
Augustin de ROMANET - Groupe ADP CEO
Ivo BOSCAROL - Founder & President PIPISTREL Group
Tine TOMAZIC - CTO PIPISTREL AIRCRAFT Moderator: Max Armanet, President of the Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee and President of Forum Media

What will tomorrow's tourism look like ?

Nathalie STUBLER - Transavia CEO
Maud BAILLY – Managing Director for Accor, Southern Europe
Jean-François RIAL - Jean-François RIAL - Voyageurs du Monde CEO and President of the Paris Office of Tourism
Frédéric MAZZELLA - BlaBlaCar President Moderator : Philippe Mabille

Innovation and environment

Jean-Brice DUMONT - CORAC President
Bertrand GAUTHIER - Head of Operations, Europe at H3Dynamics Moderator : Max Armanet, President of the Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee and President of Forum Media


Adina Iona VALEAN - European Commissioner for Transport

Recovery after the crisis and innovation

Jean-Michel HILLION - Vice-President for Strategy, SAFRAN Moderator : Max Armanet, President of the Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee and President of Forum Media

Is aviation still an exciting career ?

Elodie BRUNOT - ESTACA Student
Denis MERCIER - Denis MERCIER, Former Chief of Staff French Air Force, École de l'Air (French Air Force School) Chairman of the Board
Olivier LESBRE - ISAE SUPAERO Managing Director and Groupe ISAE President
Bertrand PICCARD - Solar Impulse President
Laura André BOYET - European Space Agency Instructor Moderator : Max Armanet, President of the Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee and President of Forum Media

How do we rebuild air connectivity in Europe ?

Thomas JUIN - UAF President (French Airports Union)
Pascal DE IZAGUIRRE - Corsair CEO
Arnaud VAISSIE - President & Co-Founder of International SOS, member of the AOKpass initiative
Alain BATTISTI - FNAM President Moderator : Fabrice Gliszczynski

How can airlines be profitable ?

Ben SMITH - Air France-KLM CEO
Jozsef VARADI - Wizz Air CEO Moderator : Tim HEPHER, Reuters Journalist

Hydrogen : announcement of a collaboration Air Liquide, Airbus, Groupe AdP

Matthieu GIARD - Member of the Executive Committee of the Air Liquide Group and Director of the Air Liquide Hydrogen Business Line
Antoine BOUVIER - Airbus Strategy Director
Edward ARKWRIGHT - Deputy CEO Groupe ADP Moderator : Florine Galeron, La Tribune Journalist

Recovery and air transport in a post-Covid19 world

Willie WALSH - Managing Director IATA
Olivier JANKOVEC - Managing Director ACI Europe
Carsten SPOHR - Lufthansa CEO
Akbar AL BAKER - Qatar Airways CEO ZOOM Moderator : Tim HEPHER, Reuters journalist

Can we get air mobility off the ground ?

Florian REUTER - Volocopter CEO
Damien CAZE - Civil Aviation Managing Director
Marie-Claude DUPUIS - RATP Group Director of Strategy and Development
Yannick ASSOUAD - Yannick ASSOUAD - Thales - Avionics Deputy Executive Director
Marc HOUALLA - Paris-CDG Airport Director Moderator : Thierry Dubois, Journalist specialising in the aeronautics and space industry

Hub or point-to-point: which models and aircraft for tomorrow ?

Marc ROCHET - Air CaraĂŻbes Vice-President and French Bee President
Eric SCHULZ - President SHZ Consulting
Pierre VELLAY - CEO New and Next Consulting Moderator : Fabrice Gliszczynski

Which French air transport after the crisis ?

Morgane MAILLET - ENAC Student
Samuel BURGUET - IMT Mines Albi Student
Niccolo BIANCHINI - Sciences Po Student
Nicolas BOURDAUD - SUP AERO Student
Coralie CORBERAND - ESCP Student
Quentin BARASCUD - ISAE SUPAERO student Moderator : Philippe Mabille, Editorial Director at La Tribune

What are the keys to successful European Cooperation ?

Martin BRIENS - Chief of Staff to the Minister of Armed Forces
General Philippe LAVIGNE - Chief of Staff of the French Air and Space Force
Eric TRAPPIER - President of GIFAS and CEO of Dassault Aviation
Bruno EVEN - Airbus Helicopters CEO Moderator : Thierry Dubois, Journalist specialising in the aeronautics and space industry

Is France's Industrial and technological defence base safe ?

Joffrey CÉLESTIN-URBAIN - Head of Division for Strategic Information and Economic Security Department
François MESTRE - Head of the Industrial Affairs and Economic Intelligence Department at the DGA (Directorate General of Armaments)
Marwan LAHOUD - Chairman of the Board ACE Management
Antoine BOUVIER - Director of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Public Affairs at Airbus Moderator : Michel Cabirol, Editor-in-Chief

AI, quantum, cyber, laser, robotics...what will tomorrow's industrial and operational leadership be ?

Patrice CAINE - Thales CEO
Dirk HOKE - President of BDLI and Deputy CEO of Airbus Defence and Space
General André LANATA - NATO
Bruno SAINJON - CEO ONERA Moderator : Michel Cabirol, Editor-in-Chief

Export : strengths and threats for the French arms industry

Thierry CARLIER - Director for International Development at the Directorate General for Armaments (DGA)
Nicolas CHAMUSSY - Nexter Managing Director
Pierre Eric POMMELLET - Naval Group CEO Moderator : Dominique Gallois, Deputy Head of Department, Le Monde newspaper

How does France protect its industrial heritage from cyber attacks ?

Colonel Mathieu MARCHAND - DRSD (French military security agency) Cyber Consistency Officer
General Didier TISSEYRE - Cyber Defence Commander
Emmanuel NAEGELEN - ANSSI Deputy Director Moderator : Michel Cabirol, Editor-in-Chief

How do we implement an effective anti-drone strategy ?

Hervé GRANDJEAN - Spokesperson for the Ministry of the Armed Forces
CĂ©dric PERRIN - Vice-President of the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces Committee
Eric BLANC-GARIN, CS Group Managing Director
Franck LEFEVRE - ONERA General Technical Director (book a room on the 21st from 2 - 4 pm)
Christophe SALOMON - Deputy Managing Director, ThalĂšs land and air systems Moderator : Dominique Gallois, Deputy Head of Department at Le Monde newspaper

What role for mini-launchers in Europe ?

Daniel NEUENSCHWANDER - Director of Space Transportation at ESA
Jean-Marc ASTORG - Launch Vehicles Director at CNES (National Centre for Space Studies)
AdriĂ  ARGEMI - Pangea Aerospace CEO & Co-Founder
Josef FLEISCHMANN - Isar Aerospace COO Moderator : Peter De Selding, Co-founder, Chief Editor,

Keynote - What are Europe's ambitions in space ?

Josef ASCHBACHER - Director General of the ESA

Space : What is the sovereignty strategy in France and Europe ?

Josef ASCHBACHER - ESA Director General
Philippe BAPTISTE - CNES President
Hervé DERREY - Thales Alenia Space CEO
Jean-Marc NASR - Airbus Space Systems President
André Hubert ROUSSEL - ArianeGroup Executive President Moderator : Stefan Barensky, Aerospatium Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Constellations : what are the stakes for Europe ?

Catherine KAVVADA - Director of Space Development and Innovation at the European Commission
Élodie VIAU - Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications
Pascal CLAUDEL - Director of Operations at EUSPA
Stéphane ISRAEL - Arianespace CEO Moderator : Peter De Selding, Co-founder, chief editor,

How to end the threat of space debris ?

Luc PIGUET - ClearSpace CEO & Founder
Alan DECLERCK - Vice-President, Bus Dev & Strategy at LeoLabs
Luisa INNOCENTI - Head of the Clean Space Programme at ESA
Christophe BONNAL - Senior Expert - System at the CNES Launch Vehicles Directorate Moderator : Stefan Barensky, Aerospatium Founder & Editor-in-Chief

How do we supercharge space startups ?

Catherine KAVVADA - Director of Space Development and Innovation at the European Commission
Paul VERHOEF - Galileo Programme and Navigation Director at ESA
Nicolas CAPET - Anywaves CEO & Founder
David HENRI - Exotrail CEO & Founder
JĂŒrgen ACKERMANN - Delegate for the European Division for PromĂ©thĂ©e Moderator : Jean-Jacques Dordain, Advisor to European Space Start-ups

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