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Rekindle the magic of progress

By Max Armanet, President of the Scientific Council, President of Forum-Media

For or against progress? In this age-old debate, even good people sometimes stand against progress. Socrates defied the democratization of thought, writing as if it were a dangerous concept. A century later, Aristotle, an advocate of democracy, argued the opposite, claiming that “Progress is worth nothing unless shared by all”. This humanist vision served as a compass for our conquest of the skies, and for the Paris Air Forum’s Scientific Council, it has inspired the title of this 2022 edition in the form of a manifesto: “Rekindle the magic of progress”.

Progress in aerospace tells the story of the great human adventure of modern times and embodies humanity’s oldest dream. It gave everyone on our planet the freedom to travel, to meet others in faraway places, and to develop an awareness of our common destiny. This dream, now a reality, has held an enduring sense of magic for humanity and it must continue to do so by helping to address the challenges that involve it today. What is the agenda for zero-carbon aviation? Can security restrictions and easy plane travel be compatible? Will funding meet the needs for recovery? When will the first moon base be created? Is Europe ready to defend itself?

In June, this international gathering of stakeholders from the third dimension will be a culminating moment, conveying the message of France’s European presidency. With 24 hours of debate on current events across the sector, the 2022 Paris Air Forum will, once again, bring together more than 250,000 participants to share the experience of live broadcasts, news in the making, the future as it unfolds, and ultimately to rekindle the magic of progress.

Speakers & program

Founder and CEO of Pangea Aerospace

President of the National Federation of Merchant Aviation - Chairman and CEO Chalair Aviation

Head of the Industrial Affairs and Economic Intelligence Department, DGA

Chief of Naval Staff

Chairman and CEO of ArianeGroup

Chief Executive Officer of Air France

Director of Strategy and Public Affairs, Airbus

President & CEO Embraer Commercial Aviation

Executive Vice-President, Avionics & Thales Executive Committee Member

Chairman and CEO of ADP GROUP

Chief Executive Officer of Air France-KLM

Senior Vice President, Head of Business Analysis and Market Forecast at Airbus

Chairman and CEO of Airbus Helicopters

Senator and Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

Founder and CEO of Unseenlabs

Customer & Account Management President Collins Aerospace

Directeur général de l’Aviation civile

ESA Space Transportation Director

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer SITA

Directeur général Groupe ADP

Director at ESA in charge of telecoms and the Moon Light program

Director of the Defense Innovation Agency at the Ministry of the Army

Head of the Business Ethics activity at ADIT

Chairman and CEO of MBDA

President - Consultant - Adviser at SHZ Consulting

Director General of Eutelsat

Chairman and CEO of Sodern and representative of space equipment manufacturers at COSPACE

Major General of the Armed Forces

Air and Space Force Space Commander

Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Space

Deputy Space Commander

Director of Marketing, Industrialization and Supply of ESA

Chairman and CEO of Airbus and Chairman of Gifas

Secretary of ORAJe

Chairman and CEO of Thales Alenia Space

President of La Tribune

Chairman and CEO ASL France

Member of Parliament for Seine-et-Marne

President and CEO of Exotrail

General Manager Space Systems at Airbus

General Delegate for Armaments - Directorate General of Armaments

Managing Director Easyjet

Director General at European Space Agency - ESA

Director of Operations of ISAR Aerospace

Founder and CEO of Gamma

Chairman and CEO Vueling

Executive Chairman at Tikehau Ace Capital

Chairman and CEO of Thales Alenia Space Italia and Deputy Chairman and CEO of Thales Alenia Space

Chief Commercial Officer EXCOM Member Groupe ADP

President of the Scientific Committee of the Paris Air Forum

President of Airbus Defence and Space

President of the Air and Space Academy

General Manager French Bee

CEO of Nexter

Professor at the School of Economic Warfare

Director General of Enac

Managing Director ACI Europe

Founder and CEO of Prométhée

President of ORAJe

Chairman and CEO of Corsair

Chairman and CEO of Thales

Executive Director at EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total

Chairman and CEO of Naval Group

LREM Member of Parliament for Saône-et-Loire

Business Development Director of PLD Space

Lawyer at the Paris and New York Bars, partner at Gide Loyrette Nouel

CEO Arianespace

Svp Engineering d'ATR

President and CEO of Transavia

Vice President International Business Development, Customer & Account Management, Collins Aerospace

Vice President, Climate strategy for Safran Group

Vice President Human Resources Airbus

European Commissioner for Internal Market

Director of International Development at the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA)

President of the Union of French Airports

Director General at International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Executive President of Maïa Space

Jean-Christophe TORTORA – President of LA TRIBUNE

Max ARMANET – President of the Scientific Committee of the Paris Air Forum

Augustin de ROMANET – Chairman and CEO of ADP Group

Thierry BRETON – European Commissioner for the Internal Market

  • Aviation: can progress recreate the dream?
  • Which ecosystem to build the aircraft of tomorrow?
  • Innovations: what are the operational challenges for defense in a new world?
  • Keynote by Josef Aschbacher: The new challenges for Europe in space and ESA
  • How can Europe manage the shortage of launchers?
  • Will the airplane have its place in the future energy world?
  • Freight: will the bubble burst?
  • European cooperation: what now?
  • Objective Moon : what are the stakes of this return ?
  • Can air travel really decarbonize without decreasing?
  • How to make a plane without Russia?
  • Defense: are we really in a new era?
  • Space sovereignty: observations and ambitions after the Ukraine and the Toulouse summit
  • Interview with Willie Walsh, IATA Director General
  • How to improve and simplify the passenger experience?
  • How can France strengthen its sovereignty?
  • Taxonomy/ESG: Is the aerospace and defense industry finally virtuous?
  • What kind of air transport for tomorrow?
  • How to attract talent to aviation?
  • Hybrid warfare: is France really ready?
  • Newspace: what are the real impacts of the announced measures for startups?
  • Interview with Guillaume Faury, Executive Chairman of Airbus and Chairman of Gifas
  • Which air transport for the French territories?
  • Extraterritoriality: Assessment of the Macron quinquennium
  • Small launchers: an opportunity for Europe?

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