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Edito - The time of innovation

By Max Armanet, President of Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee

The health crisis across the planet is accompanied by a social and economic crisis.
Aerospace, an industry of innovation, has been hit hard. Having proposed New Horizons as the theme of our 2020 event, the Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee had identified a transitional era, between technology and environmentalism, in which models were being reinvented.
Since the Covid-19 pandemic was first announced, we have been sharing information and analysis.

We quickly saw the need to take a step back from the situation to learn the lessons of this unprecedented crisis.
The postponement of our event to November 20 gave us six months to rethink our program in light of the evidence and data we gather each day.
A culture of the third dimension, flexible and reactive, will be more essential than ever for us to rebuild after the crisis and plan our future resilience. New Horizons calls on us to apply ourselves and build the future together.

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